Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take for you to locate my placement?

Based on your program, we will begin the process of locating positions ideally suited for you as soon as we receive your registration documents and payment.  We recommend beginning this process 4-6 months before your desired start date – this will allow us enough time to locate potential companies, coordinate the interviews, confirm the placement, and assist you in obtaining the appropriate visa.  This will also allow you enough time to secure housing and transportation for your arrival in the U.S.

Will my program be paid?

For the Internship/Trainee Placement Program, a small cost-of-living stipend may be possible, however because internships/trainee programs are considered practical learning experiences, many are unpaid. Positions in the Work & Travel Program are paid, as they are short-term employment positions. For the Short Term Career Enhancement Program, Volunteer Program, and High School Program payment is not possible due to U.S. visa regulations.

In which cities and states can I be placed?

You will be placed according to your indicated program, personal requests, as well as the location of interested organizations.

Do I need to be fluent in English?

Fluency is not required; however your English ability should be intermediate to advanced.  You must be able to follow instruction during the program without requiring translation into your native language. You should be able to speak basic (conversational) English with ease.

When will my placement be confirmed?

When organizations show interest in your application or request interviews we will provide you with information in order to prepare you.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide you more specifics until your application is being processed.

How long can my program last?

Some programs can be as short as one month, however most last between 3-12 months. More information can be provided by a GACC California program coordinator.

Do you provide housing or transportation during my program?

While we do not have a housing or transportation service, we are happy to assist you with accommodation and transportation options in your city, state, or region and provide you with detailed information.