How to writing the perfect resume for an internship in the USA

The purpose of this article is to show you the advantages and benefits of interning in small and mid-size companies in the USA.
Writing Resume Internship Usa

A well written resume or curriculum vitae (CV) is critical to getting noticed in an extremely competitive internship market.  Not only should it show off your academic achievements and relevant work experience, it’s vital that it shows off “you” and what makes you uniquely qualified for the internship position.  Here’s how to do it:

1) Strong Header – Your resume or CV header should no longer just include your name, phone number and email address.  If you want a company to get to know “you” be sure to include links to your social media as well.  Sure, you may not want to provide access to your Facebook page that shows photos of your party last weekend,  but you should include any personal webpages, online portfolios, your LinkedIn account, and possibly your Twitter account.  The more your social networks back up your experience, the better for your resume.

2) Have an Objective – Your resume should always have a statement summarizing your goals and exactly why you want the internship.  The worst thing you can do is leave this part off or make it too general.  The company wants to see that you’ve put thought into why you want to do an internship at their company and expect you to tell them.

3) Highlight your Education – List all post-secondary schools and universities you have attended as well as degrees and certificates you received beginning with your current or most recent.  From there, go backward chronologically.  Be sure to include both the month and year that you began attending and the month and year you graduated or finished.  If you received any awards or honors during your studies be sure to list them, too.

4) Show off your Skills – As an intern, your work experience in your field of interest in probably limited.  You can get around this by emphasizing skills that you believe are relevant to the internship position.  List any skills that you feel would be an asset to the company, including business skills, computer programs, and languages (be sure to state your level of fluency).

5) Experience Matters – It may be limited, but your potential company will want to know what you’ve done in addition to studying.  Include all full-time and part-time work that applies, as well as any other internships and volunteer work that you may have done.   Don’t forget to include the names of the companies and organizations, the types of duties you performed, and the websites (if available).

6) Be Interesting – List all of your extracurricular activities, interests, and hobbies you enjoy.  This is your chance to show off what make you unique.   Your potential company will receive several resumes and CVs that are remarkably similar; be different by showing off who you are.

7) To Reference or Not to Reference – For the purpose of keeping your resume under to a minimum of a page or two, there’s no need to list all of your professional references.  Instead, write “References available upon request” at the bottom of your resume.  If a company is interested in you, they’ll contact you to request this information.  That being said, it’s a good idea to have a separate list of references (two or three) available.  Rather than include personal references, focus on one or two college professors or advisers that know you and your work well, as well as one or two bosses or supervisors from your previous work experience who can speak on your behalf.

Writing a great resume may stressful, but it really doesn’t need to be.  By organizing it with the above format, and ensuring that it shows what makes you unique, you’ll catch the interest of a company in your field of interest.

If you really want to make your resume stand out, consider creating a video resume.  Programs like CV One ( allow you to create unique and professional online video resumes.  In addition, CV One allows you to upload transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other documents.  You don’t need advanced technical skills, either.  The program is easy to use and provides a great way to make your resume stand out above the rest.

Develop Professional Skills in a Country Known for its Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

It is without question that the United States is a country recognized for its innovative spirit and entrepreneurial mindset. An internship in the U.S. provides you with the opportunity to learn about the most innovative skills in your professional field.

Many of the latest trends, techniques, and business practices are created in the United States. Interning in the United States allows you to learn firsthand the latest techniques from experienced professionals in your field.

Receive Mentorship

The opportunity of receiving mentorship from experienced professionals is a huge benefit of interning in the United States. You will have the chance to develop lasting relationships with your bosses who can provide career advice and help advance your professional career development even far in the future.

Your mentors in your host company may also give you valuable insights and perspectives into your desired industry. Developing good relationships with your bosses may also lead to a job opportunity or a new career path.

Gain Valuable Work Experience in Your Career Field

Internship programs in the United States can expose you to a variety of tasks and responsibilities. Some companies may assign you to a specific role while others may provide you with exposure to different departments. Interning in the United States of America will show you how business in your selected field actually works.

You will be able to attend meetings, work on projects with a team, and complete individual tasks. The skills and experience you gain will also strengthen your resume massively.

Strengthen Your Resume and Become More Desirable for Employment

When applying for an entry-level job, the first thing that a hiring manager is going to review is your resume. The quality of your resume can be the deciding factor when it comes to receiving a job offer. At the end of the day, employers are interested in people with real-world experience.

Going abroad looks much more attractive in a CV than sitting at home.

An internship in the United States will give you the job experience that you need to fulfill future job requirements. Living abroad in the U.S. will showcase you as an adaptable person who is unafraid of new challenges. For sure, these qualities will make you more desirable for employment in your future career.

Learn about American Work Culture

American work culture is unique. In fact, it’s that culture that is one of the most important reasons that the United States is the leading pioneer in many industries. The work environment in the U.S. encourages collaboration among coworkers, sharing of ideas, and a friendly atmosphere. Most interns would say that their work environment allows for professional and personal growth. You will have the opportunity to work personally with experienced directors, managers, and CEOs.

Improve your English skills

While you live and work in the United States, you will have the opportunity to improve your English skills. English is universally accepted as one of the most important languages to know. No matter where you are, companies value people who can communicate clearly and effectively. Interning in the United States will help you improve your vocabulary, accent and pronunciation.

Learn American Cultural Norms and Standards

Aside from English itself, interning in the USA will teach you how to interact with other people in a professional manner. American business standards and cultural norms are understood among many companies around the world. Learning these standards can help you make stronger connections with your bosses and coworkers.

Make Lifelong Friends and Connections

While living in the United States, interning with your company will be only half of your experience. The other half is all about the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. Some of your friends will be from your host company while others are from outside your work-life. The friends you make while living in another country provide you with fresh perspectives and ideas that expand your mindset.

Gain Confidence in Yourself

Moving to another country is no doubt a challenge, but one that comes with immense knowledge, experiences, and personal growth. Living and interning in the United States will give you the opportunity to gain confidence in yourself. Traveling globally will become easier. Understanding different cultures and interacting with people will be less intimidating. Ultimately, you will learn to trust yourself and apply your confidence in every situation that you find yourself in.


Over a span of more than 10 years, we at have witnessed all of the benefits mentioned above with our thousands of internship program participants. The idea of doing an internship in the US is a great first step and may be the starting point to experience soon all the mentioned benefits by yourself.  But we are well aware that costs may hold you back, at least for now. But you can start working on saving money and raising these funds. You may be surprised to find out that you are able to raise the funds much faster than expected.

And when the time for your internship finally comes, we can assure you that almost all interns experience a solid ‘return on investment’ quickly. An internship in the U.S. simply pays off. We estimate that the financial benefit over the next 10 years will be more than 10 times higher than what you spend on your internship in the USA. Most of our participants experience an impressive accelerated career as well as a salary increase, and that’s precisely because of their internship in the USA.

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