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Our programs are offered by the Institute for International Education and Exchange – IIEEX, San Diego. IIEEX is a non-profit organization that promotes exchange to the USA and offers programs worldwide. We are a designated J-1 Visa Program Sponsor.  This is an advantage for our students that we know all the rules that are important for a successful internship placement in the USA. Due to our long-standing cooperation with our US Host Companies, we know what is important to secure an internship. For more details visit About Us.

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Internship Program USA

Us Internship Trainee Program

The Intern Program allows you an internship of up to 12 months in your field of study.

Virtual Internship Program USA

For Students

The Virtual Program allows you to get practical experience remotely while being at home or during your semester in your field of study.

Volunteer Program USA

For Emplayer

The Volunteer Program allows you an internship of up to 6 months in any field.

Trainee Program USA

Get Started

The Trainee Program allows you a Traineeship of up to 18 months in your field of study or work.

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