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Provide a structured internship to qualified foreign students and recent graduates while promoting cross-cultural exchange.

Build an international workplace!
We bring together the best companies with the most qualified applicants.

Why Host an International Intern?

Many employers are not aware of the added value foreign interns can bring their business. By hosting an international intern, not only will you provide them opportunities to gain valuable skills and knowledge, your business will also benefit from their unique international perspective and skills.

Benefits to Your Business

Cultural Diversity: Providing an internship opportunity to a foreign student or recent graduate allows you to create a multicultural and dynamic business environment that promotes cross-cultural ideas and understanding. Because our applicants seek out our services directly, they are highly motivated to succeed and contribute to your business.

International Insight: Even if your company does not do business with other countries, hosting an international intern is guaranteed to provide you with new ways of thinking and insights that your business may otherwise not have access to. Their unique educational and professional backgrounds provide them with fresh perspectives on a range of tasks and projects.

Availability: Unlike American interns who may only be available for a few hours a week due to school schedules and other time commitments, international interns come to the US specifically for the internship experience and can train from 32 to 40 hours per week for up to 12 or sometimes 18 months. This provides your business with greater flexibility with tasks and projects and allows the intern to be utilized more effectively. In addition, your company does not have to go through the hassle of training a new intern every few months.

Why the German American Chamber of Commerce California?

GACC California is a leader in providing U.S. internships for college students and recent graduates. Since 2003 we have successfully arranged thousands of internships at more than 13,000 registered companies.

Our professional and knowledgeable team will take care of all necessary arrangements at NO COST to your company, including:

  • Screening potential applicants and providing you with only the TOP candidates
  • Assisting the intern with obtaining the proper U.S. visa documentation (including the DS-2019 form needed for the J-1 internship visa)
  • Working with your company to prepare a training plan and completing any necessary paperwork
  • Providing on-going support to you and the intern throughout the duration of their internship program.

What is the Process?

Step One: Complete the form below and our staff will contact you to find out more about your company and the internship position offered.

Step Two: We market your position to our database of applicants, foreign universities, and foreign partner agencies

Step Three: We contact you with qualified applicants, based on your preferences

Step Four: Your company interviews and selects a suitable candidate

Step Five: We assist you and your new intern with all necessary arrangements to begin the internship program!

The German American Chamber of Commerce California is glad to assist in finding qualified international interns for your company. Through our distinct screening process, we seek to identify excellent candidates who have the appropriate experience, skills, and maturity for an internship at your business.

For more information please complete the request form below.  For specific inquiries send an email to or complete the request form below.

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