US Internship Placement Program

Since 1967, the United States has welcomed international students and interns through the J-1 cultural Exhange Program with the goal of strengthening relations between the United States and countries all over the world.

The job market and workforce today is highly competitive, global, skilled, educated, and diverse. In order to succeed, you must possess strong communication and problem-solving skills to collaborate with people of different cultures, ideas, and mindsets.

We have long-standing experience in coordinating international exchanges to the United States. Our Internship Placement Program provides students and young professionals the opportunity to gain professional experience and expand their horizons through on-the-job training with an American company.

Our internship placement service is focused on your needs, ensuring you an internship experience that matches your preferences. We offer internship placements for a variety of fields from Marketing and Business to Engineering and Biology.

Who is This Program for?

This program is for participants how are looking for help with their placement. The participant knows the value and impact of our service to push him towards his goals and around invisible obstacles. The typical nature of an internship for students and graduates is to invest in their own skills and work profile. Participants must have a clear vision of why they need an internship in the USA. Good placements are only possible with strong profiles that are competitive in the international environment.  Participants book this program at least 6 months in advance from the start date of the internship. All students and graduates from all over the world can participate.

Participation Requirements

  • You can only intern in your field of study
  • Intern for up to 12 months
  • Can be paid or unpaid
  • Financial budget to stay in the USA
  • You must be enrolled in a university outside the USA or a graduate
  • Average Placement time: 1-6 months
  • Average Visa processing time: 1-2 month
  • Time to register before departure: 6-8 months

Benefits of our US Internship Placement Program

  • You can choose a industry or a destination of your choice
  • We know the J-1 visa rules as a J-1 Visa Program sponsor, that’s why you can be sure that your Placement will meet the requirments
  • We will check if you fulfill all the requirements, if not we will explain alternative ways to the USA
  • We are partnered with thousands of U.S. companies, allowing us to arrange internships in a variety of industries
  • We provide individualized placement coordinators and visa team members in order to provide you with quality service
  • We will help you always to overcome issues or obstacles during the placement process

What you will get

  • Based on our year-long expirience, we will evaluate and analyze your case.
  • We will develop a placement strategy you will agree on.
  • We follow your interests but lined up with the real world of today.
  • Together we will build a unique and door opening CV
  • We will send out your Cv to our US-Companies
  • We will provide you the feedback from these companies
  • We will schedule the job interviews
  • We prepare you well for these upcoming interviews
  • We working towards to sign the internship agreement

Program Fee

The program fee for an individual internship placement is 1350 Euro.

There is a non-refundable first installment of 530 Euro.

Please see our terms and conditions.

Got Interested?

Please request more information and submit your case and receive our job openings.

Questions about the application process?

Please see our step by step guide.

Still many questions open? Read our FAQ

In our FAQ we cover the most frequent question from our previous participants.