Resume and Interview Coaching USA

Do you know the saying: We never have a second chance to make a first impression. This is why it is important that your resume is written in a way that stands out and grabs recruiters’ attention within 15 seconds!

After working and placing thousands of students we know why the most international applicants will never be successful with there CV.

What does it mean for them? You don’t get any feedback on all you sent internship applications. And this means you will never secure an internship.

Since 2003, has been offering resume writing and interview preparation services for international students and young professionals from all over the world. With our expertise and experience, we have been able to successfully help our clients to secure jobs and internships directly in their field of work.

What's the goal of this service?

This service is designed for all international students who would like to apply by themself for an internship or trainee position in the United States but looking for help with there Resume.

Our service will provide you with our extensive experience to strengthen your resume in the same way we are doing this with our full-placement participants.

The ultimate goal of our service is that you get a job interview.

What you get from our Resume and Interview Coaching Service

Access to our resume template
You will have access to three resume templates that are organized perfectly. These templates are structured in a simple and clear way that allows recruiters to read your information easily

Access to our video resume
Our resume service provides you with the ability to make a short 1-3 minute video introducing yourself to hiring managers and recruiters. This video grabs the attention of hiring teams by allowing them to see your English, your personality, and hear about your experience and skills.

Professional Resume Writers and Interview Coaches
One of our experienced placement coordinator will work with you to create the best resume and cover letters. Once you get an interview, our skilled interview coaches will help you sharpen your interview skills.

We will highlight your skills, education, and experience. Our interview coaches will teach you how to answer important interview questions, how to dress for the job, and how to make a good first impression. We will help you to see the important points of your application.

Resume and Interview Service includes:

  • Access to our placement account for 6 months
  • We analyze your internship goals based on your field of study
  • We analyze your current Cv/Resume
  • Online Meeting to speak in person about your goals
  • Online Tool for creating your CV with a video
  • Feedback on your video
  • Optimizing and correcting your resume
  • Ready to send out Link of your Video CV you can use in your emails
  • Mock-Interview Training for one job interview

The Process

  1. Book the service on our page
  2. You pay the invoice we sent to you
  3. You will get an email with instructions and access to our placement account
  4. Upload your current CV
  5. We will assign a placement coordinator how is working on your Cv and video script
  6. You will have an online video call to discuss your career goals, internship plan, and your resume
  7. Have the first draft of your resume and video introduction done within 72 hours
  8. Work with your professional writing coach until we believe your resume is strong to get sent out
  9. As soon your Video resume is ready you can use the Link for your Applications

Program Fee

The program fee for the CV and Resume support is 530 Euro.

Please see our terms and conditions.

Got Interested?

Please request more information and submit your case and receive our job openings.

Questions about the application process?

Please see our step by step guide.

Still many questions open? Read our FAQ

In our FAQ we cover the most frequent question from our previous participants.