Trainee Placement Program

Participate in an internship in the United States and increase your competitiveness in today’s global job market! Gain professional experience and expand your horizons through on-the-job training in an American company.

GACC CA offers you the opportunity to gain cross-cultural experience and understanding by participating in an organized U.S. internship. Our placement service is focused on your needs, ensuring you an internship experience that matches your preferences.

Fill out our online request form to receive additional information and registration documents by email. Our staff will support and guide you through the entire application process, set up interviews on your behalf with U.S. companies, secure your internship placement, and support your J-1 visa application. Once your internship placement is confirmed, we will immediately begin the J-1 visa process.

  • Our extensive experience guarantees comprehensive care and support throughout the application and visa process. With offices in Germany and California, we are available 18 hours per day for questions or inquiries.
  • GACC CA is networked with over 1,000 U.S. companies, allowing us to arrange internships in a variety of industries, from architecture, business administration, to computer design, data processing, and more.
  • Our knowledgeable staff in Germany and California work side-by-side to review your application, locate suitable companies, and assist you throughout the visa process.
  • Individualized contact with a GACC CA staff member ensures that direct support is always guaranteed.
  • Even after your internship is confirmed, GACC CA provides follow-up assistance on issues such as accommodation, securing a U.S. Social Security Number, tax help, etc.
  • Complete our online request form for more information and registration documents
  • Provide us with your CV/resume now or later, as well as additional application documents (cover letter, references)
  • We review and prepare your application profile and send it to our network of U.S. companies.
  • We inform you when one or more companies are interested in your profile and wish to conduct an interview. We provide you with additional information about the company, and prepare you for the phone or webcam interview, as needed.
  • After the internship placement is confirmed, we will immediately begin the J-1 visa process so that you can begin your internship as quickly as possible.

Program Fee

The program fee for the Trainee placement is 3.250 Euro.

There is a non-refundable first installment of 530 Euro.

Please see our terms and conditions.

Got Interested?

Please request more information and submit your case and receive our job openings.

Questions about the application process?

Please see our step by step guide.

Still many questions open? Read our FAQ

In our FAQ we cover the most frequent question from our previous participants.